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You will enjoy the narrative from Lee Abrams, a prominent radio consultant renowned for his innovative contributions to the broadcasting industry. With a career spanning several decades, Lee is credited with revolutionizing radio programming and music formats. He is best known for co-founding XM Satellite Radio and introducing the Album Oriented Rock (AOR) format, which transformed rock radio in the 1970s and 1980s. Abrams has worked with numerous major media companies, providing strategic guidance and creative insights to enhance listener engagement and station profitability. His visionary approach and profound impact on radio have solidified his reputation as a pioneer in modern broadcasting.

Why might one discover that Lee’s thinking may not be in sync with what comes out of your radio speaker or on your tv screen today?  Lee’s thinking has never been about this moment; Lee’s thinking has always been a peek behind new doors with encouragement to the willing to look beyond the narrow threshold at their feet.

“The Magic of New Ideas” by Lee Abrams

“To be involved in creating or contributing to the next generation of groundbreaking media, we must fully embody that vision. It cannot be faked. It requires complete commitment on every level. While last generation companies may attempt to follow suit, they often lack the soul that truly drives innovation. For example, Sears may have sold online, but Amazon has become the new department store. NBC may have a digital site, but Netflix is the new network “tv” brand. Your local radio station may stream online, but Apple and Spotify have become the new streaming giants. The point is, you can’t simply “sorta” revolutionize. You must fully commit to the cause. This is a huge advantage for those who do.

In order to design the future, we must understand the past. Every reinvention I’ve been involved in, from FM to XM to Swatch to MTV to heritage bands, has always been based on understanding the roots, the basics. This concept can also be seen in fine dining. Chefs trained on Escoffier create amazing new cuisine, while those who disregard the roots create pretentious dishes. Change often comes from outside the borders of a business, but having a clear and deep history, as well as the willingness and aptitude to break away from that history, is what creates brilliant new products that connect with the mainstream.

A key aspect of our approach is to be free from arrogance. While creatives may think they see life on a higher level, techies may believe they hold the code to the future, and executives may have degrees in arrogance from Ivy League schools, it is important to channel that arrogance into action. There is no one to impress other than our fans. By impressing them, the press, accolades, satisfaction, and success will naturally follow. When we try to impress each other, it only leads to bullshit and politics.

It’s about:

– A joining together of brilliant new programming and brilliant new technology as one force molded by visionary leadership.

– Hand-picking a staff of people with extraordinary aptitude and attitude, and then transforming them to learn the style and vibe.

– Representing the new mainstream, embracing multiculturalism, having a high bullshit radar, and being grounded in the streets rather than skyscrapers.

– Anchoring with stunning new programming that drives the need for others to be on our platform. The technology and distribution we have is the reality solution, while the programming is the magic solution. Other brands will clearly see that.

– Recognizing that there is more innovation coming from a filmmaker in Berlin than from a network conference room in NYC or LA. We live in a global reality, and fast food companies figured that out decades ago.

– Being warped, but in a good way. We bend culture rather than echoing it.

– Having a clean and clear leadership structure void of politics. Everyone does what they do best. In their lane.

– Being careful in listening to others. We listen carefully, but we are selective. Our key competitive advantage is the sheep factor, amplified by the blogosphere. Listening to the wrong people inhibits original thinking, and competition tends to be sheepish rather than frighteningly original.

– Recognizing that American media tends to be white bread, average, dumb, and over-researched. Instead of whining, we take action. We strive for multiculturalism, above-average quality, and conduct research after the fact to verify original thinking, rather than letting it block us.

– Following a hiring mantra of high IQ/low BS and no drama.

– Delivering what people are thinking, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly.

The magic is in evolving ideas to action…or at least trying.”

Excelsior, friends. This is Doc Granger.  Thanks to Lee Abrams for sharing his “Magic of New Ideas.”

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