The End of Rooftop Dining in Thomaston?


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A Day of Thomaston Infamy: Saturday, June 28th, 2024

At exactly 6:55 pm – possibly, the end of rooftop dining for a while!

The crowd echoed, “How can you eat and drink on a nervous stomach worrying ‘bout what could happen next at another building down the street or around the corner!” To be clear, the roof issue this time was not connected to a restaurant.

The tale is simple: the roof collapse of the old beauty supply house ‘on the square’ was blamed on standing water from recent rains. The debate about that rages on. Thankfully, there were no injuries. The Thomaston Fire Department performed magnificently securing the area, and the newspaper will likely enjoy a few extra 75¢ repurposed pine tree pieces for front-page pictures – posterity is the justification for unnecessarily killing trees. Sabrosos, next door to the collapsed ‘beauty’, will likely cool its peppers for now.

When the 360News red phone alert chimed, I tossed my new Apple 15 in the pickup and joined the gawkers on the square.

Locals gathered, staring at Gin’s Beauty Supply House’s collapsed roof and broken windows in awe. An old radio gizmo swayed on a tower above and behind the collapsed roofline, evoking memories of expectations of more Jap planes coming over the horizon.

Just like in Washington before that fateful December morning at Pearl Harbor, from the mouths of those who should have been in the know, “It’s never happened, we’ve never been attacked in our own backyard, and we never will,” they said.

This chatter often emerges when it’s politically safer to do nothing about pending doom than to admit the potential peril, which would require action. Admit to a pending liability? Not on a politician’s watch!

I know very little about collapsed roofs. I can’t argue with the opinion that standing water from the recent rains caused the old roof to give way. Personally, I thought it would take something far more dramatic than wandering thunderstorms to collapse an apparently “certified to be safe” roof that possibly qualified as ‘stable’ through multiple real estate transactions.

Speaking of ‘stable’, I remember my daddy’s story about an old farmer whose mule kicked in the door of Old Man Garner’s ‘Hudson’.

In the courthouse exchange, it went something like this: “How was I to know that the mule’s mental state was in question. If I had known that the mule was gonna kick Garner’s car door in, Judge, I would’ve put pillows on its hooves, and thrown a pillow or two in Garner’s backseat for comfort. You know that Garner’s tussling with Sally in that backseat is what aroused the mule to begin with. I’m sorry ‘bout Garner’s door but I suggest he and Sally find other pastures to enjoy the sunsets of their lives.”

A roof collapse is hardly the first surprise in our old town and it won’t be the last.

With precise certainty, life goes on; we enjoy these little side-breaks from the slow Georgia summer heat. I was sipping a version of “Long Island Sweet Tea” and rambling with a friend about who will likely be Biden’s replacement after the debate debacle when the 360News red alert phone chimed. The incident probably came at a good time as politics and Long Island Sweet Tea can be a combustible thing.

Our job about the incident is done for now, until the legalities and such about the old Beauty Supply building are sorted out by experts and reported on.

Excelsior, friends. This is Old Doc Granger who says, “Arguing over that roof is just like trying to lasso the wind. Better to fix it and move on before another storm rolls in. People will feel sale eatin’ on rooftops after the dust settles, long before the DAWGS kick off the season!” – Coming your way from Thomaston, Georgia-smack dab in the middle of “the land of forgotten cotton.” Cotton Mills, that is!

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    Still trying to get City to reconnect power to POLE AS IT WAS BEFORE THE TREE FELL..

    • Hey, Mr. Johnston. Thanks for reaching out about the tree removal cleanup question. I am forwarding your email to the company that did the work. Im not sure if the owner of the company is back from his travels last week but he has been responsive to questions I’ve raised about other things so I suspect he will respond to you promptly. Let me know how it is resolved. Doc

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