Old Doc – Cool Like San Francisco – Hot Like Georgia


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I love my original home in Georgia and my adopted home of San Francisco.

While Georgia swelters under the sun, encouraging outdoor frolics and indulgent laziness, San Francisco remains cool and brisk, a refreshing escape from the traditional summer heat, where the fog whispers stories of the sea and the city’s rich history.

In contrast to Mark Twain’s famous quip that the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco, old Doc might say, “The hottest days I ever spent were basking in the sultry embrace of July in the Land of Cotton, Georgia.”

And about the summer nights in Georgia, old Doc reminisces, “Sleeping in shorts I used to get wet in the Potato Creek to cool off, with the rhythmic chorus of cicadas serenading me to sleep under the starlit sky.”

Old Doc might chuckle and say, “Is it hotter than it’s ever been here in Thomaston, Georgia, or am I just sleeping too close to my honey on these sweltering summer nights?”

Old Doc muses, “San Francisco, where the price for lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf could break a rich man, to Georgia where the price of staying cool with air conditioning could make a poor man sweat even more…when signing the utilities check!”

I love San Francisco and I love my hometown in Georgia. One is inherently cool, like old Doc. The other is inherently hot, like old Doc.

Excelsior, Friends. This is Doc Granger

360News.com with a flower over my ear and sipping a Long Island Sweet Tea in the Shade amidst the Georgia pines!

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