Offering a Review of “And We Know”


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We bring you two new features to conclude what we’re confident has been a happy and productive July 4th Weekend celebration for you and your loved ones.

We start by highlighting a robust website called “And We Know.”

The website is managed by a retired Marine Corps broadcaster, known as LT, who aims to bring positivity and light through videos and content in a world he perceives as dark. The site features various sections including videos, podcasts, merchandise, and opportunities for community engagement through events like an Alaska cruise.

“And We” emphasizes themes of truth, hope, faith, and freedom, driven by a vision of empowering others to take action and make a positive impact. The platform includes inspirational content, personal stories, and messages intended to inspire transformation and faith-based living.

We feel you will particularly enjoy a segment at the ’21min-36sec’ mark of the video.

Our second feature today is called, “Man, Woman, Love, Conflict, Resolution.” It’s how we see life & marriage. We hope you enjoy both presentations.

Doc & Ellie –

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