“I Forgot Day!” He Forgot His Wife!


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Today is “I Forgot Day,” an excellent opportunity to reflect on the common and often frustrating things people forget. Here are some of the most frequently forgotten items and tasks.

What are the most common and frustrating things people forget?

Keys: House keys, car keys, or office keys are often misplaced or left behind.
Wallet/Purse: Forgetting a wallet or purse can be particularly inconvenient, especially if it contains essential items like ID, credit cards, and cash.
Phone: Many people forget their phones, leaving them feeling disconnected.
Passwords: With numerous accounts requiring passwords, it’s common to forget them, leading to frustration.
Appointments: Missing or being late to appointments because they were forgotten.
Names: Forgetting someone’s name, especially soon after being introduced, can be awkward.
Groceries/Shopping List: Forgetting to buy specific items while grocery shopping or leaving the shopping list at home.
Birthdays and Anniversaries: Forgetting important dates can cause personal relationship issues.
Where You Parked: Losing track of where you parked your car in a large parking lot.
Daily Essentials: Items like glasses, medication, or other daily necessities often get left behind.
Bills/Deadlines: Missing bill payments or important deadlines can have significant consequences.
Tickets/Passes: Forgetting tickets for events or travel passes can disrupt plans.Umbrella: Forgetting to carry an umbrella on a rainy day is a common annoyance.

Each of these forgotten items can lead to a range of inconveniences and frustrations, highlighting the importance of organization and reminders.

What are the craziest or mundane things people forget?

Craziest Things People Forget:

Children: Occasionally, parents might forget their children at home, school, or even in public places.
Important Documents: Such as a passport or travel visa when heading to the airport.
Wedding Vows: Couples have been known to forget their written vows on their wedding day.
Wedding Rings: Some people forget to bring the rings to their own wedding ceremony.
Shoes: Some individuals have been known to leave home without wearing or bringing their shoes.
Pets: Forgetting to pick up a pet from the groomer or vet.
Where They Live: In extreme cases, people have forgotten their own address.
Medical Equipment: Such as prosthetics or essential medical devices.
Luggage: Leaving luggage behind in taxis, trains, or at hotels.

Mundane Things People Forget:

Toothbrush: Easily forgotten during travel.
Umbrella: Often forgotten at home on rainy days or left behind in public places.
Sunglasses: Frequently left behind, especially in restaurants or public transportation.
Water Bottle: Forgetting to carry a water bottle to work, gym, or outings.
Hair Ties: A common item left behind by those with long hair.
Snacks or Lunch: Forgetting to pack lunch or snacks for the day.
Mail: Forgetting to check the mailbox or bring in the mail.
take out the trash on the designated collection day.
Turning Off Appliances: Forgetting to turn off the stove, iron, or other household appliances.
Garage Door: Leaving the garage door open when leaving the house.
Glasses: Forgetting where they put their glasses or leaving them behind.

These examples illustrate the wide range of things people can forget, from the highly significant to the everyday mundane.

Here’s a personal example I recall about someone forgetting something really important. A friend was returning to the north from Florida traveling with his wife in their van. A gas stop was simple enough; his wife appeared sound asleep in the back when he got out to pump the gas. Her awakening to visit the bathroom was missed and he finished the gas stop by putting the van in gear and proceeding north towards their New York destination. This was before cell phones so you can imagine the shock when he stopped up the road a couple of hours later for his own pit stop and discovered that his wife was no longer in back of the van. You guessed it – she was left in the ladies room back somewhere around “South of the Border” in South Carolina.

Thank God for cell phones today. But always do a head count after a stop on the road. The memory is not what it used to be for many!

Excelsior, friends. This here is Mr Unforgettable, Old Doc Granger!

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