Rudyard Kipling

Father’s Day Poem

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was a British author and poet, renowned for his works of fiction and verse. Here are some key facts about his life and career: Rudyard Kipling was…
House of Representatives

Watching the Castrati

Castration has a long and controversial history dating back to ancient Sumer (modern-day southeastern Iraq). It served as a means of subjugation, enslavement, or sometimes simply brutal punishment. In our…
Frida Kohl - Famous Mexican Artist

Cinco de Mayo ’24!

Cinco de Mayo week offers a duality of celebration, encompassing both festive commemorations and the recognition of a great artist like Frida Kahlo. On one side, Cinco de Mayo is…
Henry Ford Standing Between his Original design, a Quadracycle, and the Ten Millionth Model T

How Many Horses did Henry Ford Kill?

You’re Wondering How Many Horses Henry Ford Killed? When the automobile, or “horseless carriage,” gained popularity in America, it had a significant impact on the population of horses. Before automobiles…