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I am a Citizen Journalist and the co-founder of alongside my wife, Ellie.

A Citizen Journalist operates independently, engaging in news gathering, writing, factual reporting, and analysis of events without affiliation with traditional news organizations.

My training as a Citizen Journalist traces back decades to a style of news that many consider antiquated by today’s standards: “Just the Facts.” This principle, imparted to me by legendary Atlanta broadcast journalists, emphasizes the importance of reporting only the facts without bias or embellishment.

Today, much of newspaper reporting and radio news stories are narrative-driven, often influenced by political agendas or commercial interests. Some news organizations are beholden to funding from corporations, government entities, or non-profit organizations, compromising their editorial independence.

I adhere to the fundamental principles of news reporting: focusing on the who, what, where, when, and how, without injecting opinion unless disclosed.

Additionally, I follow a guiding principle instilled by seasoned radio journalists: prioritize “reportorial” reporting over “editorial” commentary, maintaining integrity and objectivity in news coverage.

At, we introduce a concept called “Perspective,” which provides an experienced opinion on a story’s ideological leaning—identifying whether it is left-leaning, right-leaning, or 360News fact-based. This helps readers navigate through varying perspectives and distinguish between factual reporting and opinion.

We encourage readers to actively participate in by sharing news stories, media content, and opinions. However, we emphasize the importance of avoiding gossip and adhering to factual reporting standards.
As part of our commitment to transparency, we provide a platform called “CES, Citizen’s Executive Sessions,” where readers can anonymously share their opinions without fear of reprisal.

Despite encountering opposition from local traditional media, Ellie and I remain steadfast in our mission. We believe in the importance of journalistic integrity and individual empowerment.

To our readers and future advertisers, we advocate for freedom of expression and innovation in media. Our goal is to expand the market for everyone while maintaining a clean and uncluttered advertising and news-reading environment.

We are dedicated to providing modern tracking analytics and innovative advertising strategies to help local businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

In addition to, we are excited to launch “Porch,” an Internet radio station featuring “Country-Beach-Soul: The best Country Music, the best Beach Music, and the best Soul Music will soon emanate from your desktop at work, your phone, or laptop.

Ellie and I will be with you live on

Join us in embracing the future of news and media. Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey with us!

Excelsior, friends!

Doc Granger

Elena GrangerEllie

Hello, Friends! Doc and I are thrilled to share news, views, and captivating stories with you daily on It brings me immense joy to collaborate with my husband, Doc Granger, in delivering breaking news, insightful perspectives, and cultural highlights.

An interest of mine that I will share with you centers around endeavors that celebrate the wonders of our remarkable world. Aristotle’s “Summum Bonum” champions the pursuit of the greatest good through adherence to lofty values within a robust ethical framework. Aristotle’s optimism resonates deeply with me, as I believe while the path he advocates may not always be easy, it is undeniably the right path.

Throughout history, the Bible has served as a guiding light, offering thousands of parables to illustrate the virtues of goodness, while also cautioning against the pitfalls of sin. I firmly believe that our shared experiences unite us, and by prioritizing dignity, we can overcome division. was conceived to inform and unite our community. Our platform offers enhanced social networking features designed for simple, user-friendly navigation, allowing you to optimize your online experience.

For example, provides a ‘site-wide reader,’ a click to the audio of articles for those who prefer listening instead of reading, or for those with sight impairment.
I will be sharing compelling stories with you from around the globe.

We’ll start with the “Long Game of Life.” Life’s journey is characterized by its natural ebbs and flows, its unpredictable twists, and turns, despite our best efforts to shape it.

I believe that our purpose here is to learn, to grow, experience, and to evolve fully.

In my mind, souls are like rough diamonds unearthed ‘raw’ from the ground and smeared by imperfections and barnacles. Through the abrasions of trials and tribulations, setbacks and successes, highs, and lows, we are refined into beings of greater beauty, reflecting the image of God.

Consider the legendary Koh-I-Noor diamond discovered in India. Through relentless grinding, polishing, and refinement, it emerged as a 105.6-carat masterpiece that now adorns the centerpiece of the British Monarch’s crown as a symbol of unparalleled beauty and perfection.

Let us ponder for a moment the age-old adage of the mystery of a ‘life well-lived.’ Countless words have been dedicated to understanding this concept throughout history.

The foundation of a life well-lived begins with loving and caring for our body by maintaining a healthy balance achieved through a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and diligent wellness examinations to safeguard our physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.

Adequate quality sleep is a crucial component of a life well-lived. Researchers agree that 6-9 hours nightly is essential for optimal health. Quality sleep not only rejuvenates our bodies and minds but also enhances our stress management skills and overall well-being.

Personal fulfillment stems from spiritual authenticity and meaningful relationships. As social beings, we are driven by a strong desire for connection, safety, and community. Our core relationships are with children, family, friends, and social circles; all meld to fulfill our innate need for companionship and shared experiences.

Deep happiness is cultivated through setting meaningful goals and striving to bring them to reality, coupled with a commitment to personal growth and gratitude. By serving others and embracing humility, we embark on a journey of continuous improvement, enriching our lives and the lives of those around us.

Thanks for spending your time here with me, friends, on this inaugural edition of

Let’s make it a regular thing.

Ellie Granger –
April, 2024