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Your Invitation to Receive Doc’s Daily Briefing

Friends: As we proudly mark our first full quarter of bringing you daily news and feature content from the “Land of Cotton,” coming to you from down in friendly and beautiful Georgia, we thank you for your interest and support of our homegrown concept called “360News – Citizen Journalism –…
Young Woman Checking Waist Line

Good Fat – Bad Fat

Not All Fat is Created Equal: According to a 2013 review, fat is not merely a passive store of energy but is, in fact, a highly “sophisticated organ” that regulates metabolic processes and branches of the immune system. Fat tissue…

Gen Z Probs? Their Vote Could Save ‘Em!

Signs Of Severe Credit-Card And Auto-Loan Stress In Generation Z BY TYLER DURDEN TUESDAY, JUL 23, 2024 – 01:45 PM Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk.com, The economy is slowing and that will hit the zoomers first and the hardest,…
Thomaston Police Badges

Chief Richardson Appointment

Thomaston Police Chief Installed as a Board Member Of the Georgia Police Chiefs’ Association  SAVANNAH, Georgia – Police Chief Michael Richardson was sworn in as the new 4th Vice President of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP) on…
Hand reaching out of a computer screen

Beware: Sophisticated Social Engineering Scams on the Rise

Social engineering refers to techniques used by cybercriminals to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential information. This often involves psychological manipulation and exploitation of human trust to gain access to personal data, passwords, or financial information. Common examples include phishing emails,…


Opinion in a Typewriter Hiring Standard

By-product of Progress – Bot Crap! Former Dedicated Costco Customer

B.S. Wenatchee, WA In the age of rapid technological advancements and corporate expansion, the by-product of progress manifests in various forms, one of the most pervasive being waste. Not only does this term encompass the tangible crap that clogs our landfills and pollutes our oceans, but it also includes the…
Opinion in a Typewriter Hiring Standard

Charlie Kirk Comments about Kamala Harris

Charlie Kirk is a conservative political activist and commentator in the United States. He is the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a nonprofit organization that promotes conservative values on high school and college campuses. Born on October 14, 1993, Kirk has become a prominent figure in…
Opinion in a Typewriter Hiring Standard

Marine Corps General Opines about Kamala Harris

  Maj General Higginbotham USMC Retired Major General Higginbotham On Kamala Harris’ Background. The History of Kamala Harris For your knowledge and interest about Biden’s VP. Here is a timely editorial that exposes the hidden background of Kamala Harris from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that is…

Area Things to Do


Pickleball – The New Fountain of Youth

“Pickleball – The New Fountain of Youth!” The headline practically writes itself! With its blend of agility, strategy, and camaraderie, pickleball has become more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle! It has produced more citizen attendance in front of the Thomaston City Council than just about anything since the…
Georgia's Little Grand Canyon

Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon

Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon, officially known as Providence Canyon State Park, is a stunning natural area located in Stewart County in the southwestern part of Georgia. The park covers approximately 1,003 acres and features a network of canyons and gullies that have been formed through a combination of natural processes…
Jekyll Island, Georgia

Driftwood Beach, Georgia

Driftwood Beach is a unique and picturesque destination located on the northern end of Jekyll Island, Georgia. Known for its surreal and haunting beauty, the beach is characterized by an array of weathered driftwood and fallen trees scattered along the shoreline. These natural sculptures create a striking landscape, perfect for…
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Walmart Shopping Center Entrance – Thomaston, GA

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